Saturday, August 11, 2007

Am Disturbed - Am Disturbia

ok am talking about the movie - DISTURBIA

I aint a professional blogger to just post only one blogposts a month, and that is what am doing. lemme grab some more time on these blogs. hmmm ok here goes the movie DISTURBIA.

I have been searching for a good print to download and finally i got the axxo print. HurraY.

Here goes a movie which starts off like the butterfly effects movies, where you have so much fantasy, fate and all the abstracts. This is what i thought the movie is all going to be. But it wasnt, that was a PLUS which made me go through the movie without blinking.
There were no well known casts in the movie, but the movie was on box office for days.

I divide the movie into three parts, first as i said the director did make me think wrong of whats gonna happen in the movie

The second was the What was Kale going to do with his spy gadgets, eventhough they were just the bionoculars, cameras and the computer where he spies on his neighbours and the third is the thrilling sequence of events, where the scenes really mislead me to so many doubts on the psychopath.

Movie in short:
In the first few scenes the father and the son KALE get into an accident and the father dies, next is where the son, who takes the lead in the movie after a year punches his teacher in school and gets into home arrest for three months. Now comes the best part hes taken off his Video games and the iTunes, gets so much bored he starts spying around his neighbors.

There is this family who move in as the next door neighbors. As usual they have a pretty girl and he spies on this girl too. And as guys are he becomes addicted to this spygame and calls onto his friend and they do it together. This is the second part of the movie which was not at all giving any clues on the climax. The girl once notices these guys spying on her and comes directly to their home and gets attracted to the spygame too.

The final part of the movie is that Kale gets clicked to a news event on the TV where they mention the knowabouts of the psychickiller and does make a connection to one of his neighbors. The director has played a big part in here by making me have doubts whether hes the killer or not. So these three keep on spying on whatever is happening at the psychos place and how they make the events successful in getting hold of the psycho is what follows in the rest of the movie.

Since Kale is on house arrest hes tied up with a small gadget around one of his legs and he can move around to only a certain boundary if he crosses the line then the police would come and take action. He does cross the line two times and the police come within 10 seconds, but in the climax he crosses the line the third time and this time the police comes late, real late. Anyways that was needed for the scene.

Further goofups were when he takes up a light bulb and looks through a vent hole, it shows up as a torch, he he that was funny. After a struggling fight between the psycho and kale and even kale's mom, they come out walking putting up heroic presence without any wounds or any sign of tiredness.

I finish it off here and yeah i do recommend this thriller. Its too good without any big names both back stage and the forerunners except for Kales mom whom we all know as trinity of the matrix fame and shes has no big role in here.

Rating: 7.3 out of 10

Hey check out for Kale, his real name Shia La Beouf in the upcoming movie by Steven Spielberg Transformers,