Saturday, September 25, 2010

Change is inevitable - The Cause & Effect

Every man needs to change so many times in his life, realized that change is the effect of all the moments (cause) in life. I am not the same self that I used to be, I have evolved so much after going through so many lessons every moment. I learned with every mistake I did or seeing / watching someone do a mistake, anything from standing in a queue to holding the spoon and fork at the table. There is no such thing as correct or incorrect way of doing something, like holding the spoon but the outcome is always better if we did it in a particular way. Holding a spoon would be the least thing that we need to learn when we are taking life as a context.

The toughest of all is to realize that even when you are changing to be a better person, the moment where we did the mistake and realized it will leave a scar and that, we will never get back the same moment with the same environment in life again. However you put it, that moment is gone. Sometimes we term it as second chance, but its not. Our second chances are new moments at a different time and surroundings and cannot be measured / compared to our first chance.

Now speaking about relationships, from one night stands to long term - its we who either make it complicated / corrupted / smooth. Its all up there in our brain, to adjust - adapt and provide several chances to change. HE made us imperfect, only because we need to learn and pave way to change and no one can expect to be perfect even after the change. And I am not terming a one hour / day divorce cases as a relationship :)

If I were given a chance to replay all the chess moves in my life, I would not be able to do it and the outcome may be disastrous. But if I were given a chance to make a different move only to specific moments in my life, yes that would make a big difference and the outcome would be so perfect. The sad thing is we all have only one chance, either we make it or break it and time still ticks on and waits for no man.

Take your best shot always. Try, Learn & Change and its repetitive. Goes like the chorus in any song and goes on for a lifetime.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

A Reel for Real - In a Jiffy

How many movie scenes have we seen where the heroine or some lady character gets robbed by a gangster, rowdy, villain or just simply a sick character? The hero then gets hold of the entire crowd, bystanders, even sometimes in a deserted place and starts chasing the bad guy running, or on a car / bike chase, through the streets, building to building and what not.

Am astonished myself to say that I had this real time experience between two colleagues from a nearby place where I work and the chain snatcher. I was watching them closely and saw the entire thing happening before my eyes.

The victim was a pretty pregnant lady with a thin string of gold chain on her neck, with a bracelet on her wrist and the victim's guy friend was smart and young, who had no signs of any ornaments. They were walking on a crowded street, since being the afternoon hours, I would rather guess they were on their way to munch on a lunch in one of the Chinese food shops.

The incident: They both were walking and conversing with each other and were just about to cross the street which had no moving vehicles but one, what started to be nice afternoon sure ended up in a shock for the victim and the friend. The guy who was on the motorbike is the bad guy in this scene, he was fair with a helmet ON, which did not even cover his face and in his mid-20's, he slowed down his bike when these two people were mid way while crossing the road, the bad guy kept his eyes on these two people, especially on the lady and since both of them were crossing the road, they were looking at the vehicle and the guy who was driving it. The victim and the friend had halted since the vehicle was very close to them, if you are able to picturize this, the victims friend was standing to the right of the victim and the bike was coming towards the victims friend. The victims friend gave way to the bike, which was almost under halt. Everything just happened in a fraction of a second and there was such a huge rush of thoughts to react to what just happened. The lady was attacked by the chain snatcher and in a pure gush of panic, the victims friend shouted loud and starts chasing the bad guy flying away on his bike, the entire scene and the crowd is in a shock. No one moved, except for the victim, the friend and the bad guy who is exiting the entire chaotic scene.

The victims friend stops midway in a dilemma whether to chase the bad guy or to check whether the lady was safe and finds her safe on the other side of the street, what really surprised was how the snatcher positioned himself to do this kind of an act and while fleeing off the scene, he turned his face and kept watching the victim and the friend whether he was being followed / chased or not.

What was I doing there? was I just there watching the entire scene to narrate the entire story? Nope. I was the victims friend.

It was so hard for me to digest what had just happened, since being the first time I have ever come across such a situation. I was under such a shock, guess even more than my friend (victim), worried about what happened to my friend and sad that I couldn't stop the incident from happening. Many of my friends / colleagues advised me on robbery, theft, killing in Malaysia but this was the first time it happened to me and every time I heard something like that, I boasted saying this never happens in My India (My Chennai) and not in any crowded place, people are afraid to do such things in daylight and crowded corners of My India.

Finally came to a conclusion that chasing is really tough when compared to the reel life, many advised me not to chase such B%5748ds because they may be harmed with knives and I have realized that I will not make such an incident happen again and if I catch someone like that I would hit them so hard until there brain hurts and would make them realize I don't have a heart of Mother Teresa. And now I know how to react and behave with the common man, will tie my laces so stiff on my shoes and keep an eye on whatever is happening around me and react even more faster, sure you don't have to be a trained fighter. Just a pinch of courage and quick thought processing would do the trick. Please be safe while walking on the streets and I don't want no man to be afraid to walk.

From an anguished common man,

P.S. Please re-read the description of the victims friend. he he :). My friend is safe and the chain is also safe but in two pieces.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fundas From Fundoos

My recent trip to Singapore made me meet some good set of young and dynamic managers, they were with so much enthusiasm, thoughts and as usual vengeance with their superiors a.k.a managers. What impressed me to write about them now? It was so much fun listening to them and their daily chores at work. I always wanted to see a perfect manager, my definition of perfection is one who is aggressive & assertive and steals the minds of his fellow mates with his words and managerial talent. I would rate my first manager whom I have worked under or rather worked along as the closest to get to the above mentioned quality, such an inspiration, but am not going to talk about his talent in this post (sorry boss if you are reading this :p).

Coming back to my recent trip: I will quote on so many things that I have learned from them, it was all fundas put up in a very funny way because finally it would end up in smashing the stupid work culture / attitude of their managers, I kept laughing and glued onto their thoughts. One such thought still stuck or made to stick on my so called brain was the principle of life or work or management or whatever you call it, it still holds good.

1. Control Fear (nothing works without making that extra step)
2. Have Clarity (in what you speak / understand)
3. Using the power that you get by doing the above two things, and the final one is
4. Respecting time

I was like so new to listing down things, if I was given a chance to list down, would have come up with such a huge list all ending up on the four points :) and I accept am so screwed up especially on the fourth area, ask me to come early to any place and I would surely be there neither before nor on time. Every now and then these managers whom I have met get so frustrated with their managers and I think to myself if the person whom they were referring to was in front of them he would surely make the place wet :p. The topics get so deviated when we sit and speak about work, managers and the things that are happening around, at one point I would think and track back, sheesh where did we start? Suddenly we get into wealth management and there comes a sweet quote which goes like this 'Wealth is what you are and not what you have', guess what would I have done listening to such a quote, just rocked by head front and back obviously in a gesture of acceptance and smiling away on a thought worth so much.

To round it up, I have learned so many things about managers and what would one expect to learn when you work under 7 to 8 managers in just 2.5 years of your work life, looks like crash course on management. 'When you get your chances of being a manager, do all the bad things that your manager taught you in a better way'

I know that last statement was so confusing, may be thats because am starting to walk on that dithered path myself :).

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My body kept walking but my soul stayed

Its been two long years to update my blog. So many things to remember and so much to let out. I have been traveling, getting to know people outside India and how things work outside my own small world. I really cannot rate my life, have traveled to 4 countries in 2 years and the longest being Malaysia. Many of them who know me think I have enjoyed doing this, as I said I cannot really rate it. I have lost the best things in life but at the same time known so much in life at a very young age. As everyone knows 'Ignorance is Bliss', there is a slight worry in myself that I would lose the gift of ignorance. I have realized that nothing stays in life and nothing is meant to be yours, I am responsible for what I am and what I do and things that happen to me and around me. Love the world and there is no guarantee that you will be loved back and even if it does, does not stay for long.

Coming back to the present, been doing good at work. Even though I do not care much about work and work related issues, at work things are just fitting into place without much effort. There is no such term as Personal life for a loner like me, its the way you have to be. Eat alone, sleep alone, go to movies alone, work alone and keep searching for a company all alone.

Until a few months back, I changed my tagline from being a loner to a social animal, not just 'cause of the social networking sites that are around but to a bunch of lovely people who have taken me out of my depression and loneliness. What else I need? They make fun of each other - makes me laugh out, they watch movies and have fun together - makes me happy, they eat together - makes my body feel sumptuous, they love each other - which makes me show my love too. The only reason that I am still staying here in Malaysia, its them. I have realized that the only hardship of any relationship is missing your loved ones.

I will post more on the travel destinations that I have made, its been hectic, dramatic and lots of things for my brain to process.

A Backpacker for life.