Monday, May 24, 2010

Fundas From Fundoos

My recent trip to Singapore made me meet some good set of young and dynamic managers, they were with so much enthusiasm, thoughts and as usual vengeance with their superiors a.k.a managers. What impressed me to write about them now? It was so much fun listening to them and their daily chores at work. I always wanted to see a perfect manager, my definition of perfection is one who is aggressive & assertive and steals the minds of his fellow mates with his words and managerial talent. I would rate my first manager whom I have worked under or rather worked along as the closest to get to the above mentioned quality, such an inspiration, but am not going to talk about his talent in this post (sorry boss if you are reading this :p).

Coming back to my recent trip: I will quote on so many things that I have learned from them, it was all fundas put up in a very funny way because finally it would end up in smashing the stupid work culture / attitude of their managers, I kept laughing and glued onto their thoughts. One such thought still stuck or made to stick on my so called brain was the principle of life or work or management or whatever you call it, it still holds good.

1. Control Fear (nothing works without making that extra step)
2. Have Clarity (in what you speak / understand)
3. Using the power that you get by doing the above two things, and the final one is
4. Respecting time

I was like so new to listing down things, if I was given a chance to list down, would have come up with such a huge list all ending up on the four points :) and I accept am so screwed up especially on the fourth area, ask me to come early to any place and I would surely be there neither before nor on time. Every now and then these managers whom I have met get so frustrated with their managers and I think to myself if the person whom they were referring to was in front of them he would surely make the place wet :p. The topics get so deviated when we sit and speak about work, managers and the things that are happening around, at one point I would think and track back, sheesh where did we start? Suddenly we get into wealth management and there comes a sweet quote which goes like this 'Wealth is what you are and not what you have', guess what would I have done listening to such a quote, just rocked by head front and back obviously in a gesture of acceptance and smiling away on a thought worth so much.

To round it up, I have learned so many things about managers and what would one expect to learn when you work under 7 to 8 managers in just 2.5 years of your work life, looks like crash course on management. 'When you get your chances of being a manager, do all the bad things that your manager taught you in a better way'

I know that last statement was so confusing, may be thats because am starting to walk on that dithered path myself :).


sssmaniam said...

kiran - it was very nice of u to penned down such a good post immediately after returning from SG. The way u hv done is really commandable considering ur exp & age.

The way u liked the managers who were in SG, the way u observed them were cool. Ur definition of a so called 'perfect manager' was the highlight of the article. I'm wondering how u figured out what could be the possible mix of talent for a 'perfect manager', in such a young age. Hope u constitute one day.

Next, remembering ur first manager was very nice of u. Thats a great attribute which is not given importance these days.

The list of principles u listed were very precise and accurate. i even liked the order in which u had listed it.(except the last one)
1.Control Fear - Braveness
2.Have Clarity - Clear thought of mind
3.Respecting time - time & tide wait for none.
4.Using power - Managerial prowess

Without the first 2 principles - there is no meaning of 3rd & 4th. I second u.

To work under 7-8 managers in a short span of time is a blessing in disguise. U'll reap the benefits later. Dealing with so many ppl shortly leads to a rare gift of reading ppl's mind. that will help you.

All said, in a line - ur post was neat, expressive, positive and meaningful.

Kjo said...

What should I say? am overwhelmed by your comment Siva, I thought someone would contradict with the statements there but seems like the post I made is convincing enough to be agreed upon.

Thanks for the multi-line comment, think I should start a separate blog for comments like these :p