Saturday, September 25, 2010

Change is inevitable - The Cause & Effect

Every man needs to change so many times in his life, realized that change is the effect of all the moments (cause) in life. I am not the same self that I used to be, I have evolved so much after going through so many lessons every moment. I learned with every mistake I did or seeing / watching someone do a mistake, anything from standing in a queue to holding the spoon and fork at the table. There is no such thing as correct or incorrect way of doing something, like holding the spoon but the outcome is always better if we did it in a particular way. Holding a spoon would be the least thing that we need to learn when we are taking life as a context.

The toughest of all is to realize that even when you are changing to be a better person, the moment where we did the mistake and realized it will leave a scar and that, we will never get back the same moment with the same environment in life again. However you put it, that moment is gone. Sometimes we term it as second chance, but its not. Our second chances are new moments at a different time and surroundings and cannot be measured / compared to our first chance.

Now speaking about relationships, from one night stands to long term - its we who either make it complicated / corrupted / smooth. Its all up there in our brain, to adjust - adapt and provide several chances to change. HE made us imperfect, only because we need to learn and pave way to change and no one can expect to be perfect even after the change. And I am not terming a one hour / day divorce cases as a relationship :)

If I were given a chance to replay all the chess moves in my life, I would not be able to do it and the outcome may be disastrous. But if I were given a chance to make a different move only to specific moments in my life, yes that would make a big difference and the outcome would be so perfect. The sad thing is we all have only one chance, either we make it or break it and time still ticks on and waits for no man.

Take your best shot always. Try, Learn & Change and its repetitive. Goes like the chorus in any song and goes on for a lifetime.