Monday, January 15, 2007

I Love You hooooooo!!!!!M 8

Hey people i surely need to share this technology with u, my friend eshaan showed me this vid, he asked me whether i like yahoo messenger or Gtalk, me was lik, yahoo is quite old n due to the ads on YM these days i don lik it when compared to Gtalk which rather is a simple interface and i can chat even while am viewing my email. But he told me i gotta view this vid n then come to a conclusion i wasnt givin a damn on my view n was getting hold of it until i saw this video.

I knew yahoo collaborated with windows to bring up even hotmail and MSN contacts onto one space called yahoo with windows live msngr... blah blah, it was cool. here in this video yahoo has worked onto provide its own space to run on Windows Vista the upcoming venture of MS.Vista provides the glassy look onto its interface, which has attracted millions to apply Vista revelation packs before its release itself, which does some modifications to the kernel. ok ok ok enuf of me givin a lecture here.

yeah the vid is all about yahoo msngr on windows vista, and all the latest features tht it holds, man i loved it to the core, gotta get YM8 beta soon as it is released, i have personally uploaded the vid for u to view it n enjoy toooo. here u go,


here is the external link where you can download the vid, it takes time to download, its around 32mb, what you gotta do is click file and save target(file). This one has better quality than the one which i have shown.

Bday Boy!!!!

whew yday was awesome, had the best days of my life with my family coz it was my nephew's bday (my sis son varun). Bought him a remote controlled car, man he loved it, am so happy. Hmmm yeah ma friend vas had also come over so v partied taking snaps n videos, munched an awesome truffle cake, hmmmmmmmm, n ice creams.... he he he totally rocked, now the next day woke up real late and here u go as usual me doing nothing, got interested in updating ma blog.

coool coool coooool, here u go a new site that every1 would love. I found it from the dump, he he he,(speakin as if am in the year 1998) let me introduce you to the new venture of Stan Univ, Online search engine, introducing you to the still under testing site GOOGLE BETA, yeah you read that rite, its the google beta, take a look around the google logos and the monthly subscription newsletters, from wher to wher the company has blown upto, with just a search engine to so many ventures now in 2006. GOogle I Love You,

click the above link n walkthru to find interesting stuff on google in the year 1998,


Friday, January 12, 2007

Busy Week!!!! ----- Boot

yeah had work work n work nothin else.Coz of the hectic work i slept early n had to wake up early to go to clge.Now got spared to update my blog a little. Me and my friend mahesh have planned for a cycle expedition by our clge NCC students to veilankanni thru salem, hope this one if fileld with lotsa fun, i have been attending this expedition for the past two years under my seniors and this time am the senior and now only i get to know arrangin such a stuff is so hectic.

hmmm ok coming up with my hand with browsing the internet, here u go. A usueful site which obviously needed by many out ther, its the boot problems u get when working with Windows mostly. Do post ur comments on this site, its totally for ur boot system and all the files u need for booting into ur system during problem n related issues, happy surfing, plz do comment,


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Long Day - Ending With Some Quotes

"Its been a long days night and i have been workin' like a dog,
Its been a long days night and i have been sleepin' like a log"

those r the verses from The Beatles famous song, yeah it was a long day for me had to travel a lot to meet my relatives totally was a gud memorable day. Right now b4 the computer, missed it so much today!!! yday nite was bad as India lost n the most interesting of it was Xavier Malissse Beat Nadal, was a sexy match, was a big surprise....hmmm anyways yeah wil finish with some quotes for software engineers!!! which i stumbledupon this time tooo, here u go!!!!

A clever person solves a problem.
A wise person avoids it.
-- Einstein

André Bensoussan once explained the difference between a programmer and a designer:
"If you make a general statement, a programmer says, 'Yes, but...'
while a designer says, 'Yes, and...'"

No matter what the problem is,
it's always a people problem.
---Jerry Weinberg

Wexelblat's Scheduling Algorithm:
Choose two:
* Good
* Fast
* Cheap

Craziness is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.
---Tom DeMarco, rephrasing Einstein, who said
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

To go faster, slow down. Everybody who knows about orbital mechanics understands that.
-- Scott Cherf

Cheers Jk

Beautiful .swf file - enjoy

As usual i started off late today, went to sleep late n woke up late. Was jus' stumbling on the net and i found this .swf . Its a cool idea, do check out. The concept behind here is as you move around with your cursor the frames change rapidly in a sequence showing the day and night of a city, think this is the NY city. Heres the link for u all, enjoy, will keep posting,


if u ppl cannot open this file then try opening it after loading macromedia flash files for IE or Moz..... or if need b a flash player..... bye bye

My First Real Blog!!!!

HI everyone this day 7th of Jan 2007, i start off the real blogging stuff. Here i'll share everything i need to in my day to day life. This world loves me and many hate me tooo he he he. please post your valuable comments and suggestions. Thank you for Bloeading(Blog Reading), bye have fun,

Chow Chow,
Jay Kay

Love you lots