Friday, January 12, 2007

Busy Week!!!! ----- Boot

yeah had work work n work nothin else.Coz of the hectic work i slept early n had to wake up early to go to clge.Now got spared to update my blog a little. Me and my friend mahesh have planned for a cycle expedition by our clge NCC students to veilankanni thru salem, hope this one if fileld with lotsa fun, i have been attending this expedition for the past two years under my seniors and this time am the senior and now only i get to know arrangin such a stuff is so hectic.

hmmm ok coming up with my hand with browsing the internet, here u go. A usueful site which obviously needed by many out ther, its the boot problems u get when working with Windows mostly. Do post ur comments on this site, its totally for ur boot system and all the files u need for booting into ur system during problem n related issues, happy surfing, plz do comment,


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