Monday, January 15, 2007

Bday Boy!!!!

whew yday was awesome, had the best days of my life with my family coz it was my nephew's bday (my sis son varun). Bought him a remote controlled car, man he loved it, am so happy. Hmmm yeah ma friend vas had also come over so v partied taking snaps n videos, munched an awesome truffle cake, hmmmmmmmm, n ice creams.... he he he totally rocked, now the next day woke up real late and here u go as usual me doing nothing, got interested in updating ma blog.

coool coool coooool, here u go a new site that every1 would love. I found it from the dump, he he he,(speakin as if am in the year 1998) let me introduce you to the new venture of Stan Univ, Online search engine, introducing you to the still under testing site GOOGLE BETA, yeah you read that rite, its the google beta, take a look around the google logos and the monthly subscription newsletters, from wher to wher the company has blown upto, with just a search engine to so many ventures now in 2006. GOogle I Love You,

click the above link n walkthru to find interesting stuff on google in the year 1998,



Ram said...

That is wierd dude... Let me tell you something... this may freak you out.
last year, it was jan 16th, my nephew`s b`day(sister`s son), His name is varun, I got him a remote controlled car and yeah he too loved it, and my friend also came over and we ate ice cream. Hows that for a coincidence?

Kjo said...

haha haha tht was the cooolest conincident i hav come across.... he he he.... hmmm great....thnx da...for reading n posting ur comment....

cheers, i luved it...