Monday, January 15, 2007

I Love You hooooooo!!!!!M 8

Hey people i surely need to share this technology with u, my friend eshaan showed me this vid, he asked me whether i like yahoo messenger or Gtalk, me was lik, yahoo is quite old n due to the ads on YM these days i don lik it when compared to Gtalk which rather is a simple interface and i can chat even while am viewing my email. But he told me i gotta view this vid n then come to a conclusion i wasnt givin a damn on my view n was getting hold of it until i saw this video.

I knew yahoo collaborated with windows to bring up even hotmail and MSN contacts onto one space called yahoo with windows live msngr... blah blah, it was cool. here in this video yahoo has worked onto provide its own space to run on Windows Vista the upcoming venture of MS.Vista provides the glassy look onto its interface, which has attracted millions to apply Vista revelation packs before its release itself, which does some modifications to the kernel. ok ok ok enuf of me givin a lecture here.

yeah the vid is all about yahoo msngr on windows vista, and all the latest features tht it holds, man i loved it to the core, gotta get YM8 beta soon as it is released, i have personally uploaded the vid for u to view it n enjoy toooo. here u go,


here is the external link where you can download the vid, it takes time to download, its around 32mb, what you gotta do is click file and save target(file). This one has better quality than the one which i have shown.


Taggy :) said...

no doubt it looks great but as far as the stuff goes , i think the features are integrated only in Windows Vista and not on other M$.
It actually takes advantage of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application development framework in vista .
So unless you are planning to upgrade to VISTA ofcourse ;) add the hardware upgrades i guess we will have to stick to the current Y! messenger .


Kjo said...

he he he yeah lotsa upgrades need to b done. think it'll come along with the vista version, WPF 3.0 .net framework..... lets c... keep postin ppl it rocks..