Sunday, June 03, 2007

MAY wasnt MAYHEM it was FUN

Hey back to blogging.... I feel so sad that am not able to update my blog frequently these days... Eventhough I spend most of my time online, i don't get to blog. Okies lotsa stuffs happening with me and around me. My college got over finally and am a freakabackamackachackaliciously doing nothing but roaming around. Last month May was real hectic, I was fully occupied with my tours. he he he was at home jus for a week.

When the month started I went to Kodai with the best of my friends, my school mates. We rocked totally. Having fun almost every second, fun with Big J, Han , khad, Captain, komodo and ASH my bestest of people to hang out with. We were in Kodai and all we did was eat and roam around. It was very crowded around this time of the year. We went to all secret places and so we missed the crowd. Never knew Kodai had places like Vattakaanal, Berijam Forest, we enjoyed even a night watch at the observatory. Four days and three nights were so good. There were so many eeeny tweeny moments which will make us cherish all through our life and esp the things happened around Big J. lol hes the only one who can make it happen.

Hmm ok after coming back had my exams, the final semester was real tough with two subjects(that was sarcastic) but anyways I screwed up and got real low marks. After my exams I was sent to Bengalooru in search of a better job, but the best part was I couldnt stop myself from getting around places in Bengaloooru. Its such a beau place and along with came my sisters and vas. We went to all the places in Bangalore, window shopping and dragging my sisters who halt at every petty shop.

It was a week I stayed over in Bangalore at my sisters place before I got a call from my college mates, who invited me for a trip to south of Tamilnadu and a bit of Kerala. I have done so many trips down south during my cycle rallies but this one was the best. So many places, went to theni to my friend Ramkumars place, these were the 4 longest days cos I missed my cell phone back in Chennai and lost all my contacts ;( , again had a trip to kodai, yeah I know its way too much for a person to visit the same hill station twice in a row, couldn't help it. We went to rams estate in Kerala the second day, the climate was extraordinarilycharminglychimingly beautiful. We were a team of 15 and its huge for a trip so it was really a thrillride with my guys. From there the next day we went on a trip to Munnar, visited all the tea estates, waterfalls and so on. The last day we had a tour to Madurai to the theme park which wasnt even in competition to our Chennais theme parks. Anyways it was for Madurai, we had to get in. It was a water theme park which had no deep diving areas, but we did enjoy the water rides and especially the ship aka Columbus ride which made us real dizzy.

The day went off with a visit to the Madurai Meenakshi temple, the whole tour was organised by Ram and his father who inspite of his busy schedule was with us the whole 4 days. The time came to bid farewell to his family and leave to chennai. I reached home and had to take over the online pending jobs I had to do, the usual checking of mails and the timepitchingstupidolicious site which drags most of my time, ORKUT.

I really missed my family in all my tours, my friends over in Chennai whom i had promised for a getogether with them. But had to loose something to gain something. ANYWAYS MAY was fun fun and fun...... kudos to all who made it happen....

love you all

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