Saturday, June 09, 2007

Oceans 14 is Awesum!!!! Read That Again

he he he oceans 14 whens it getting released???? .... man oceans 13 wasnt a big expectation from my side but well yes i did want to watch tht movie soon as it got released and i did so with not much of expection since the xpectations were ruined by oceans 12 which wasnt in the same line as 11 did.

the crew i love them for their cool way of doing stuffs each one in their own way...frm reuben to rusty, man they rock with their witty dialogues expressions, cos they r the stars of hollywood(pitt clooney damon....garcia). hmmm yeah one of the better appearances goes to al pacino who rocks the whole scene thru' his hypocritic ideas n cool new gadgeto systems to secure his casino, sure had a great part on him.

its huge, its the same old thing they do, but with a different style of looting the casino, the five diamonds its what the director steven soderberg and the crew get for this pure piece of fun and con idea. they rock....

get them watching, they r great....hope 14 is getting released in 2010.... waitin for tht.. it wil b a long wait

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