Sunday, June 10, 2007

You are NEXT - Another Deja Vu but good

Hey me becoming a movie buff already, don't know whats happening with me. I saw a new movie without stepping into the theatres, I hung onto this movie called NEXT by Lee Tamahori.

In the movie Deja Vu (already there), Denzel gets into three roles one in future, present and one in past. What on earth was the director Tony Scott thinking. Theres a big technoscientogadgetohugo machine that makes you transit between future and the present. Whoah we are in '07 people, these stories are all done with the 90's.

Nicolas Cages last movie the bike rider lol "Ghostrider" punished everyone of us, who watched the flick with so much expectation in the theaters. It was utter rubbish. But in this movie 'NEXT', Nicolas Cage has powers to rehearse his own life. He does it so good along with Julianne and Jessica Biel.

Nicolas is so good in the movie with his tactical moves and action scenes, the best part is where he dodges the sniper bullet, great scene. Nowadays hollywood movies are bringing a little of sentiromanto feel into the scene. Totally theres not much of a story line in the movie but the screenplay is good enough to keep you awake and guessing what would happen the next 2 minutes.

Have fun watching this movie You Are NEXT.

P.S: Had a doubt, can he only foresee for just 2 minutes into the future or is it like for long hours. Just cant figure out from the movie

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Varun Reddy Sevva said...

hey dude,

nice posts... will have to see the movies, esp oceans 13... and ya, see my blog too if possible...

not as frolicking as you as i usually write abt more serious and zehari stuff... just read when u r free and feeling bored as if having nothing to do.....

keep blogging !!!