Friday, June 08, 2007

Last King Of Chennai - Its Moi

Am not gonna be like IDI Amin. many say hes a cannibal and i do believe on that. Ok lemme get clear on this, u think am blabbering. ok me speaking about the Idi Amin an army officer turned president of Uganda in 1971, he was well known for his ruthless use of power n persecutions more than 500,000 in his regime. How did i know so much about him, i saw this 2006 flick "The Last King Of scotland", bows to the director Kevin Macdonald.

He has characterised the story in such a way he brings a young doctor Nicholas Garrigan layed by James McAvoy to uganda to practise, this guy is a perfect playboy, wherever he goes, he keeps his hand on. Even keeps his hand on the prez's wife(one of his wives), so children keep away from this movie.

Idi Amin played by Forrest Whitaker, man i dunno who does the casting and stuffs at the background, whoah no one could have done so good in place of Idi Amin, he spoke, acted and did everythin as amin would hav done. and thats why he gets an oscar for his complete work of art in '07.

This is a movie that every1 needs to watch. Its great and filled with terror and obviously with the playboy its fun. Enough of me telling stories now, go watch it now and comment on it... hav fun

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Varun Reddy Sevva said...

hey dude,

nice blog... and ya, this movie was fantastic... no one cud have played amin as better as whitaler did... u know the heroine julianne moore said in an interview that at the sets, he was AMIN - they were afraid to speak with him even after the shot was over as once he was on the sets, he became amin!!!! no wonder he won an oscar... i can't imagine anyone delving so much into a character, esp from bollywood...