Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daddy Adopts More - But They Are Adults Already

STRANGE: One of them being older than the foster father and the other being few years younger than him. Hope I have succeeded in confusing you with the prelude. I am talking about the acquisition of th JAG & Rover by THE TATA. I spent a little time this morning getting some insights about Tata, Ratan. Not on when he was born or where he did his studies... blah blah blah but the acquisitions he has made

Feb 2000 - Tata Tea Ltd acquires UK's Tetley
Price - $432 million
Feb 2004 -
Becomes the world's No. 2 packaged tea company .

Aug 2004 -Tata Motors signs a deal to buy the commercial vehicle unit of South Korea's Daewoo Group.
Price -
$102 million

June 2005 - Tata Steel Ltd buys Singapore's lone steel miller, NatSteel Ltd.
Price -
$286 million

July 2005 - Tata Coffee buys US-based Eight O'Clock Coffee Co from Gryphon Investors.
Price -
$220 million

Aug 2006 - Telecom firm Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd, a TaTa Group buys US-based Teleglobe International Holdings Ltd
Price - $239 million

Aug 2006 - Purchase of Tyco International's global undersea fibre optic cable network unit.
Price - $130 million

Tata Tea buys 30 per cent of US enhanced water firm Energy Brands Inc for $677 million. It sells the stake less than a year later to Coca-Cola for $1.2 billion in Jan 2007.

March 2007 - Tata Steel acquires Anglo-Dutch steelmaker Corus Group for $13 billion, India's biggest overseas takeover yet.

Tata Power buys stakes in Indonesian PT Bumi Resources Tbk's two coal mines for $1.3 billion in Jan 2008.

Tata Chemicals buys US soda-ash producer General Chemical Industrial Products Inc for $1.01 billion in 2008.

Whoa where are we going? 10 acquisitions, that too huge acquisitions in 8 years. Looks cool, and what looks cooler now is the current take over of the Jag and the Rover. What would I expect, nothing more than driving the latest or at least the modified versions of the JAGs on Indian roads or at least for a test drive ;) Fingers crossed.