Friday, June 15, 2007

Sivaji Vs MGR - How Many Days in BO

hey gud day to you, hmmm finally had the satisfaction of watching thalaivars (HEAD) movie on the first day. Too much hype, too much expectations from my side and the fans, the movie sure meets them all. This movie includes in it the tangy taste of Shankar, Rajni & Rahman, n surely shankars technological aspect takes the lead.

Ok here goes ma review for the movie, no movie is comparable to this one. Whoah the music got released with so much controversies where three songs got released over the net before it was actually released with a celebration, who knows its just because they wanted the media to create an hype and obviously increase the fans n even laymans expectations and sure it did. So many dates for the movie release, hmmm sure Shivaji did use the tactic well during its pre-release.

Ok the movie, was simply superb, me gonna rate it on different aspects,


Style, Action, Comedy - 10 outta 10 (He did his job thats what was wanted from him)

Dance - 8 outta 10 (he did far more better than his prev movies and with the technology along side made it feel even more better)

Fighting - 7 (Nah hes flying all over ppl, i have seen that already in matrix, it suites for that movie and not yours Super Star, its always a single man army, ratio 1:100, wish i had so much power)


Direction - 8.5

Story - 6.5

Post Production - 9.5

Songs - 10 (No one can do better than him, remember the mudhalvan, boys stuff, he does the same but with different themes)

Screen Play - 6 (Man the second half ruined the whole show, very shitty, not the typical shankar stuff)

Costumes & Expenditure on Sets - 10 (He gave the actors the best they can get)


Music - 8.5 (Too much of technology spoils the naturality, meant the digitalisation of his music)

Lyrics - 10 (Obviously he hasnt scored the lyrics, the music goes so good with those lyrics, with the rap/hiphop, melody and so many such mixtures)

Typical A R Rahman Hits, goes very good with the latest technology and trend.

"Too many hands spoil the broth" or "Too much of anything is good for nothing"

I meant the trio in here, leave Rahman, he has done his part. The other two, nah they not the right pair for movies, cos there is a different line of expectation for shankar and rajni individually. Shankar ruined his reputation in this movie, sure movies donot have a reality thing in them, atleast showing something artificial in reality pulls the movie goers. In this movie the whole thing is ruined, shivaji is dead and is alive again after being dead for more than 5 mins, and what they do is just an electric shock (defriblation) to save him, and this is the turning point in the climax. Man it was horrible to see that scene.

There were unncessary scenes in the second half, the Car Fight, very shitty, when would Indian movies stop making such scenes, Shivaji has a Prado and that is all. Wheareas more than 50 cars come n bash him up and nothing happens to shreya n rajni. He bowls them all in the end like the bowling pins. really sick.

The positives, shivajis luxurious life and his heart to help build a better India, pleases every INDIAN. Shreyas costumes and dance grooves sure steals the heart. Rajni and vivek duo are the base for the whole movie, they bully each other, they joke about themselves and man rajni becomes white, blond and as usual young and and and and hes Mottai BOSS( Samuel Jackson) in the end, Now hes MGR not shivaji. So many faces , so many different styles takes on the whole show and surely keeps the movie in the BO for months together, which can be ruined by Kamals dasavadhaaram.

First half full n full comedy sure makes us glued onto the seats, second half is all about shivajis fight back with a lil tinge of comedy makes the people think "wish the interval was a little more than the usual". Watch it people sure rajni makes us move with his style, rahman with is awesom score, shankar with his talent on picturisation and even the smaller details, vivek with his comedy.

whoah i missed out the villain, this guy is new, huge and only with his smile and dialogues makes us believe hes a villain, sure is a talented villain. Delivery of his dialogues are good. Yeah theres also a guest appearance, guess whos that.... its nayanthaara , shes hot and steals the first song with her grooves. The first song is full of surprises where shankar enters into the scene wit a cellphone and all he had to do was throw his cell. ha ha ha

The laughing and cheering crowd in the first half seemed very silent in the later part of the second half. Think they realised its the OLD ways of Indian movies where the HERO lives and obviously saves the world.

enjoy..... ;)

Total Rating : 7.5 outta 10

sorry rajni n shankar fans :(

PS: Check out for the scene where rajni mimics Sivaji Ganesan, MGR n Kamal. simply superb.

Check out his techniques to become fair, man couldnt stop laughing.

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Vinodh said...

dude its simply superb abt Sivaji and ur narrating stints r highly commendable .
Keep up ur good work waiting for dasavathaaram da

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