Sunday, July 08, 2007

The WAR has finally ended - Thanks To The GODs

The war has finally ended for this year. Only one warrior from each side, the best and the agile survives.

The Details Of The War

Weapons - Same on both sides (Their brave mothers knitted them with their own hands and call them as a Raquet) and with the ignited ball

What they are fighting for - The proudest piece from the Land of Wimbledon

The on-lookers were the whole world

History Of The War - Dates back to 1877 from then every year the same battlefield.....

The warriors were also the same as last year with more vengeance, more agility, speed and with fire in their eyes to blast off the worlds expectations. They were Federer, Roger the Swiss and Nadal, Rafael the Spaniard.

The Whole Game:

Whoah I felt the heat myself with the raging backhands, finishing forehands and astonishing Aces. My support was totally to The KING ROG!!! But who else can face the King better, its Rafael the KIDDO for sure. Ok enough of me supporting and demoralising the Gods of Tennis. Coming to the game, for the people who missed the game, you really missed something Big in this world man, just get a copy of it and watch it. If u dont get ask me i'll give you. Before you download that lemme give my feel of the game.

First set, obviously would make 7-6 but who makes that 7, its none other than my boy Rog. Then comes the terror in the next set, I did not expect Rog to lose 4-6 in the second, anyways he tried hard and as always i knew a five set match for Fed and Nad is always a 5 set match and that too in the finals. The Tiger pounced back with a furious 7-6 win in the third set, thought this pace would go on and both of them would make the maximum number of points in every set but I got down again seeing Rog lose for a cheap 2-6, what were you thinking, the whole world was on you bud. Anyways 4th set had so much to see, the referee carlos was under pressure from his nervous decisions for he had switched off an equippment. It was against Feds choice, so obviously got frustrated and said "Its Killin Me Today, How In The World Was That Ball In? SHIT", whew he was on the referee, thought they would fine him as they do in Cricket. Ha ha Ha. It was toil toil toil and nothing else for the warriors, they suffered the heat and both were better than the previous games. Cos they have been head on head so many times, I can say they toured together more than they would have with their spouses and family. I did mean a singular spouse there. Then came a medical time out from the spaniard, was it needed, may be it was needed to distract Fed, cos only after the sprain Nad played even more better and won the set.

The decider had an advantageous open for Fed, cos he had to serve. Nad started to lose points with errors and at one stage of time Fed got three points on straight ACES, whoah Nad couldnt even move to send back the ball. He was caught on grass, and all he could do was watch the ball move past him. Always rated Fed has the King of Grass and Nad as the King of Clay, but both of them have proved their negatives and have shown greater agilities both in clay as well as grass these days.

The final segment, were Roggy wins with so much happiness in his face, he starts to cry with no tears to fall, its just because "He has sweated all through the game for he had no tears to spare". Yeah for sure Nad was a superb sport. In his final speech he appreciated Fed and after a long pause he said "I lost here but I will come back", he was really arrogant.

Feddy was awesome with his white suit for the ceremony of the grand finale, he looked great. He was cool, composed and with a biggy smile. He said the sets were playing each others luck and it seems he said to Nad he deserved the game too. Now what, hes equalled the all time great Borgs record of holding 5 straight wins in the Wimbledon. Its gonna be more the years to come,

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Love you Feddy, you rock with your style and smile :)


rosy said...

good one boy, i love tennis the most even though i watch every sport.. that too fedder, the terror.. lovely when in tennis court and in white suit.. i didnt see any match these days..but will update the news only.. want to see those if u can send those da..

Varun Reddy Sevva said...

hey man,

i missed the final, but u really described it very well man... i felt i was in the match!!

keep it up dude!!!