Sunday, May 16, 2010

My body kept walking but my soul stayed

Its been two long years to update my blog. So many things to remember and so much to let out. I have been traveling, getting to know people outside India and how things work outside my own small world. I really cannot rate my life, have traveled to 4 countries in 2 years and the longest being Malaysia. Many of them who know me think I have enjoyed doing this, as I said I cannot really rate it. I have lost the best things in life but at the same time known so much in life at a very young age. As everyone knows 'Ignorance is Bliss', there is a slight worry in myself that I would lose the gift of ignorance. I have realized that nothing stays in life and nothing is meant to be yours, I am responsible for what I am and what I do and things that happen to me and around me. Love the world and there is no guarantee that you will be loved back and even if it does, does not stay for long.

Coming back to the present, been doing good at work. Even though I do not care much about work and work related issues, at work things are just fitting into place without much effort. There is no such term as Personal life for a loner like me, its the way you have to be. Eat alone, sleep alone, go to movies alone, work alone and keep searching for a company all alone.

Until a few months back, I changed my tagline from being a loner to a social animal, not just 'cause of the social networking sites that are around but to a bunch of lovely people who have taken me out of my depression and loneliness. What else I need? They make fun of each other - makes me laugh out, they watch movies and have fun together - makes me happy, they eat together - makes my body feel sumptuous, they love each other - which makes me show my love too. The only reason that I am still staying here in Malaysia, its them. I have realized that the only hardship of any relationship is missing your loved ones.

I will post more on the travel destinations that I have made, its been hectic, dramatic and lots of things for my brain to process.

A Backpacker for life.


PAUL said...

For loners like us, this is all life has been offering.... waiting to read more....

Kjo said...

will surely post more Paul Costa!! :)

I wanted to correct something here, life is not a thing that offers you something... you and your actions only offer something / add up to your life... I know am being so philosophical... :p

IIM ka Sarkari Babu said...


Welcome back!

I guess this post was straight from the heart :)

Have Fun!

Varun Reddy.

Kjo said...

Yes it was, a post after long. Thanks bro for reading, waiting for your post in September :).