Thursday, June 03, 2010

A Reel for Real - In a Jiffy

How many movie scenes have we seen where the heroine or some lady character gets robbed by a gangster, rowdy, villain or just simply a sick character? The hero then gets hold of the entire crowd, bystanders, even sometimes in a deserted place and starts chasing the bad guy running, or on a car / bike chase, through the streets, building to building and what not.

Am astonished myself to say that I had this real time experience between two colleagues from a nearby place where I work and the chain snatcher. I was watching them closely and saw the entire thing happening before my eyes.

The victim was a pretty pregnant lady with a thin string of gold chain on her neck, with a bracelet on her wrist and the victim's guy friend was smart and young, who had no signs of any ornaments. They were walking on a crowded street, since being the afternoon hours, I would rather guess they were on their way to munch on a lunch in one of the Chinese food shops.

The incident: They both were walking and conversing with each other and were just about to cross the street which had no moving vehicles but one, what started to be nice afternoon sure ended up in a shock for the victim and the friend. The guy who was on the motorbike is the bad guy in this scene, he was fair with a helmet ON, which did not even cover his face and in his mid-20's, he slowed down his bike when these two people were mid way while crossing the road, the bad guy kept his eyes on these two people, especially on the lady and since both of them were crossing the road, they were looking at the vehicle and the guy who was driving it. The victim and the friend had halted since the vehicle was very close to them, if you are able to picturize this, the victims friend was standing to the right of the victim and the bike was coming towards the victims friend. The victims friend gave way to the bike, which was almost under halt. Everything just happened in a fraction of a second and there was such a huge rush of thoughts to react to what just happened. The lady was attacked by the chain snatcher and in a pure gush of panic, the victims friend shouted loud and starts chasing the bad guy flying away on his bike, the entire scene and the crowd is in a shock. No one moved, except for the victim, the friend and the bad guy who is exiting the entire chaotic scene.

The victims friend stops midway in a dilemma whether to chase the bad guy or to check whether the lady was safe and finds her safe on the other side of the street, what really surprised was how the snatcher positioned himself to do this kind of an act and while fleeing off the scene, he turned his face and kept watching the victim and the friend whether he was being followed / chased or not.

What was I doing there? was I just there watching the entire scene to narrate the entire story? Nope. I was the victims friend.

It was so hard for me to digest what had just happened, since being the first time I have ever come across such a situation. I was under such a shock, guess even more than my friend (victim), worried about what happened to my friend and sad that I couldn't stop the incident from happening. Many of my friends / colleagues advised me on robbery, theft, killing in Malaysia but this was the first time it happened to me and every time I heard something like that, I boasted saying this never happens in My India (My Chennai) and not in any crowded place, people are afraid to do such things in daylight and crowded corners of My India.

Finally came to a conclusion that chasing is really tough when compared to the reel life, many advised me not to chase such B%5748ds because they may be harmed with knives and I have realized that I will not make such an incident happen again and if I catch someone like that I would hit them so hard until there brain hurts and would make them realize I don't have a heart of Mother Teresa. And now I know how to react and behave with the common man, will tie my laces so stiff on my shoes and keep an eye on whatever is happening around me and react even more faster, sure you don't have to be a trained fighter. Just a pinch of courage and quick thought processing would do the trick. Please be safe while walking on the streets and I don't want no man to be afraid to walk.

From an anguished common man,

P.S. Please re-read the description of the victims friend. he he :). My friend is safe and the chain is also safe but in two pieces.


IIM ka Sarkari Babu said...

Glad to know that atleast nothing else happened in the end... Must have been tuff on her a lot...

Kjo said...

yes this itself was shocking enough for her and me as well :(. Now I have been there and Now I know.

Scribble said...

take care in future..good nothing serious happened

Kjo said...

hey thanks scribble for the comment, yeah will surely be careful next time and the next to next and so on :p