Thursday, December 27, 2007

First Flight Experience!!!!

It may be dumb for many, in this post, I wanted to share my first flight . Everyone has a first flight experience. Since my close friend is a pilot and knowing most of his friends too, I did know many things on what were the operations that actually happen on the inside.

It was a short duration flight from Bangalore to chennai, it was a really smooth process. I had booked my ticket later that evening online and went direct to the airport, it was a 11Km drive from where I stayed in bangalore. I checked in and since I did not have any luggage and being a domestic flight, only my cellphone was scanned. But it was a really poor checking they had on me. The flight was at 10:45 and I wanted to experience every bit of it that happens to every frequent commuter and it happened so. The flight got delayed and since it being the last flight for that day, the company had its own reasons. I waited for more than an hour from the actual departure, anyways it did not do much of a difference for me, but the regular commuters had a problem with it. They started crowding at the counter, what was it for? ha ha ha obviously for a fight. Finally the awaited announcement came in and I got onto the company's bus to get to the aircraft.

I climbed up the stairs of the plane and what caught my eye were the in-flight attenders, who showed their hospitality by greeting each one of us who got on, with the same fake smile that I have heard off, thats their job. I got to my seat and I had asked for a window seat cos I wanted to see the outside view from the plane. There was a request asking us to put our seat belts on, and guess what happened, I was looking for a clip to strap the belt on, but couldn't find it. I did feel embarrassed and thought of tying the two straps into a knot. Somehow, I found the way through it.

It was a very short distant flight as I told you, so it was an (inclined)upward climb for 15 mins and a cruise for about 10 mins and again a landing approach(declined) for 10 mins. Since it was a night flight, the city was lighted up with street lights, vehicles moving around, it was such an awesome sight. But they soon disappeared as we reached a certain height and covered by clouds. While the flight was hitting the skies inclined to a certain degree, the attenders started doing their routine of providing the food and water, I was provided with a cake, sandwich and a drink. I am a real slow eater, soon realized I was caught up in a mess, cos the guy who sat next to me had finished the whole of it before I could start off. Soon realized that what he was doing was the normal thing in flight cos the attenders were already collecting the plates. The attenders job wasn't a piece of cake, they had do it so fast and had to move from the front to the rear of the plane and vice versa, and obviously put a fake smile every other second. It was real tough to even see them do it.

My flight finally came to an hault after a smooth landing, and I was happy and looked accomplished as if I piloted the flight myself. It was altogether a very nice experience and it sure looks great to watch down high from the skies ;)


Shobana said...

I think u were more interested in watching the attenders :p

Kjo said...

I was interested in everyone actually, not only the attenders :). I mean the opposite gender only...